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Current Group Members

Prof. Qiangfei Xia, PI [Biography]
Ph.D., EE, Princeton University, 2007

Dr. Zhongrui Wang , Postdoc [Website]
(Co-supervised with Prof. J.J. Yang)
Ph.D., EEE, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore, 2014
Fatemeh Kiani, Ph.D. Student,
B.S./M.S., EE, University of Tehran, 2014/2017
Vignesh Ravichandran, Ph.D. Student.
B.S., EE&Neuroscience, UMass Amherst, 2017
Puming Fang, Ph.D. Student.
B.S., Xidian University, 2014
M.S., Technical Univ. Munich, 2017
Yi Huang, Ph.D. Student.
B.S., System Engineering/M.S., Control Science & Engineering,
Huazhong University of Science & Technology, 2016/2019
Rui Wang, Visiting Ph.D. Student.
B.S., Jilin University, 2016
Daniel Belkin, Research Fellow.
B.S., Physics, Swarthmore College, 2019
Bryce Flannery, ME undergraduate.
UMass Amherst, Class of 2020

Former Members


  • Can Li (defense date: 5/21/2018)
          Thesis title: "CMOS Compatible Memristor Networks for Brain-Inspired Computing"
          Current position: Research associate at Hewlett Packard Labs

  • Hao Jiang (defense date: 10/11/2017)
          Thesis title: "Materials Engineering, Switching Mechanism and Novel Applications of Memristive Devices"
          Current position: Postdoctoral associate at Yale University

  • Shuang Pi (defense date: 9/19/2017)
          Thesis title: "Scaling and Novel Applications of Memristive Nanodevices and Arrays"
          Current position: Process Engineer 3 at Lam Research

  • Peng Lin (defense date: 8/28/2017)
          Thesis title: "3D Memristor Integrated Circuits and Applications"
          Current position: Postdoctoral associate at Massachusetts Institute of Technology

    Other members (& latest known affiliation)
    (Listed in reverse chronological order of departure)

  • Divya Chitkara. MS EE'19
  • Tina Maurer. REU'18,UG researcher'18-19 (UMass Amherst'20)
  • Anamitra Datta. REU'18 (UMass Amherst'20)
  • Margaret Hardin. REU'18 (UMass Amherst'20)
  • Harrison Liu. REU'18 (UMass Amherst'20)
  • Yibo Li. Posdoc 2017-18
  • Ali Banagozar.PhD student 2017-18 (Netherlands)
  • Kristina Georgadarellis. Honor's Thesis 2017-18
  • Daniel Belkin. REU'16, '17 (Swarthmore College'19)
  • Siyan Lin. MS student 2016-17 (MS EE'18; Design Engineer at Intel)
  • Rui Zhang. Visiting PhD Student 2016-17 (Tianjin University)
  • Ebenezer Adams. REU'17 (UMass Amherst'19)
  • Somnath Chakraborty. PhD student 2016-17 (MS ECE'17; Intel)
  • Mohamed Mohamed. REU'16 & Honor's Thesis 2016-17 (BS EE'17; Graduate student at Northeastern Univ.)
  • Lili Han. Visiting PhD Student 2016 (Lecturer, Tianjin University of Technology)
  • Moataz Hegab. PhD student 2015-16
  • Jonathan Scharf. REU'15 & Honor's Thesis 2015-16 (BS EE'16; PhD student, UC San Diego)
  • David Lassalle. REU'15 (UMass Amherst'17)
  • Moon Hyung Jang. Postdoc 2014-15 (Research Associate UVA)
  • Qiao Xie. MS student 2014-15 (MS ECE'15;)
  • Xueling Zhao. REU'14 (BS EE'15; M/A-COM)
  • Matthew Wojick. REU'14 (BS EE'15; Graduate student at U.Michigan)
  • Jinhua Mu . MS student 2012-14; (MS Physics'14; China Merchants Bank)
  • Gabriela (Ela) Correa. Undergrad researcher 2012-13 (BS EE'15; PhD student at Cornell)
  • Yuchen Li. PhD student 2011-13 (Graduate student at Purdue)
  • Zachary Henderson. Undergrad researcher 2011-12 (BS EE'12; IBM)
  • Christopher Brennan. Undergrad researcher 2011-12 (BS EE'12; PhD student at UT Austin)

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